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A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy
The semester is almost over!
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I just had my final Queering Desire class. Such a great experience! Right now I don’t have time to write anything else about how my blog assignments did/didn’t work in the class (I still have lots of grading to do). For now, I want to highlight a few things from queering desire and my other class, feminist pedagogies:

Queering Desire

I experimented with many different assignments. In addition to diablogs, I had them do a remix and revisit of a past entry; a mash-up of a few past entries (one of theirs, along with other students entries), combined to generate a definition of “queer”; and a final statement about the class and their experiences blogging and tweeting.

Feminist Pedagogies

Check out these two awesome final statements (here and here) on feminist pedagogy and social media. Here’s the assignment that I gave them:

At the end of the semester, you are expected to post a statement on our blog that includes: 1. a summary of our blog as a resource for feminist pedagogies and 2. your statement on feminist teaching with social media.You can do this final statement collectively with your group or on your own. You could create a video or a manifesto or whatever else you want to experiment with. The key is to reflect on our blog and how you envision it serving as a resource AND articulate your own philosophy of teaching in relation to social media.

I’m very impressed with their creativity and their ability to produce statements that are both about social media and use social media. KCF, any assignments that you particularly enjoyed this semester?

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