It's Diablogical!
A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy
Our Presentation

“This is not a how-to manual but an invitation to engage: A Feminist Blogging Manifesto by a Chicana Feminist and a White Feminist Troublemaker”

A presentation for the 2011 Wisconsin Women’s Studies Conference: During the summer of 2010 we embarked on a collaborative blog project to help us think about the processes of teaching while blogging and blogging while teaching. This blog project entitled, “It’s Diablogical! A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy”, archived our writing process and was the site for our multiple diablogs on a wide range of topics regarding using blogging and other social media techniques in the women’s/gender and ethnic studies classrooms. Since completing our first writing project we continue to use “It’s Diablogical” as a space to engage in feminist pedagogy dialogues and to craft our feminist blogging manifesto. In this presentation, we will discuss our personal/pedagogical/collaborative blogging practices and provide examples of how we have engaged in those practices while acknowledging our different positionalitites. We will also reflect on those practices in connection with our belief that feminist blogging is diablogical. Finally, we will conclude our presentation by providing tips and suggestions and answering questions about blogging within and beyond the women’s studies or ethnic studies classroom.