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A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy

…or one reason to give your department for why teaching blogs and blogging while teaching is really important for the future of the discipline/feminist education This week in my Feminist Pedagogies class we are reading various articles that critically reflect on the value of social media in the feminist classroom (see schedule–10.27–for more information). In […]

I found this source via twitter earlier today and, after tweeting with KCF, decided to post it for more diablogging: A Philosophy of Blogging from a new Chronicle of Higher Education blog called Old School, New School. BTW, I love how we have started tweet-a-logging too (or engaging in some twittersations…okay, I’ll stop now). I […]

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So, I’m in the midst of re-reading Kevin Kumashiro’s Troubling Education: Queer Activism and Anti-oppressive Pedagogy for my feminist pedagogies class this afternoon. I have already mentioned his work–particularly his idea about shifting the goal of pedagogy from understanding to effect and the influence it has had on my vision of a troublemaking pedagogy (I […]

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Just starting the six week of classes (wow!) and feeling overwhelmed…and sick. I always get sick in October. Oh well. Anyway, my semester is good so far. I’m proud of the blogging and tweeting in my classes–I really need to write an entry about my diablog assignment for my queering desire students (it’s the first […]