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One slogan kept coming up in our discussions about training and blogging pedagogy: “This isn’t a how-to manual; it’s an invitation to engage.” In fact, there can never be a comprehensive how-to manual for blogging while teaching and teaching with blogs in the feminist classroom because blogging technology is always changing and because blogging defies […]

Hey KCF. It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m sitting at our regular table at 3 Tiers, remembering all of the great discussions that we had here over the summer. Before I eat my fabulous “devil’s food cupcake with mocha buttercream frosting,” I thought I would take a minute (okay, a few minutes) to offer up some […]

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So, I’m in the midst of re-reading Kevin Kumashiro’s Troubling Education: Queer Activism and Anti-oppressive Pedagogy for my feminist pedagogies class this afternoon. I have already mentioned his work–particularly his idea about shifting the goal of pedagogy from understanding to effect and the influence it has had on my vision of a troublemaking pedagogy (I […]

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Just starting the six week of classes (wow!) and feeling overwhelmed…and sick. I always get sick in October. Oh well. Anyway, my semester is good so far. I’m proud of the blogging and tweeting in my classes–I really need to write an entry about my diablog assignment for my queering desire students (it’s the first […]

(so far) Now that we’re not necessarily working on an article for publication here on Diablogical! I thought it might be interesting to do a quick reflection on how course blogging has been going so far in the semester. I’m officially (at MSUM) in the sixth week of classes and have fallen into the easy […]

Hi Friend! So the craziness of the semester has begun and I am overwhelmed! It has been definitely too long since I wrote on this blog (or talked with you online/offline). This semester I have upped the ante in my classes (which I seem to do every year because I LOVE experimenting and pushing at […]

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…in my class this semester so far. So I know I’m supposed to be working on my VCR post and my BB post for our radical teacher article, but I have all these thoughts on teaching with blogs that I feel I really need to write so I don’t forget them. 1. Due to our […]

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In KCF’s recent comment, she raised some great questions about how blog writing may or may not contribute to your tenure file. Here’s a great place to start. It’s a youtube video that I first posted on my blogging and teaching workshop. The 9+ minute video includes discussions about public/private and blogging and tenure: Here’s […]

So, I know this is a part of our “official” plans for what we were supposed to do this week but I think it connects because I was reviewing some resources I had put aside as I was preparing for our discussion on “Creating Community” and I think that we’ve mentioned that a further way […] seems to be a great place to go for information on teaching with technology. I just found this article about teaching with blogs this morning. Check out what the author writes about how he handles privacy and FERPA issues in the classroom: Yet there remains one troubling element: student privacy. Is open blogging this […]

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KCF: I hope you don’t mind me cross-posting this entry. I think the idea of failure (and its connections with vulnerability, risk, trouble, unknowingness, experimentation) are central to my vision of a feminist pedagogy of troublemaking. Note: This blog entry is posted on all three of my blogs: (making/being in/ staying in) trouble, It’s Diablogical!, […]

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It’s funny how you mention the kitchen table (side note – I like the blog you found, it looks like an awesome project). In my methods chapter of my dissertation I actually re-visioned it as a discussion around the various types of intimacies that emerge while doing oral histories in the context in which I […]