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…in my class this semester so far. So I know I’m supposed to be working on my VCR post and my BB post for our radical teacher article, but I have all these thoughts on teaching with blogs that I feel I really need to write so I don’t forget them. 1. Due to our […]

Training Being confident and excited about experimenting on blogs Sometimes students can express some trepidation with having to blog even though we often think of students who are entering college as being very familiar with the tools of “the digital age.” However, if you spend time training students on the basics of how to use […]

These brief comments can be hard! 150-200 words is pretty short. Why are instilling confidence and the desire to experiment with blogs important? One slogan kept coming up in our discussions about training and blogging pedagogy: “This isn’t a how-to manual; it’s an invitation to engage.” In fact, there can never be a comprehensive how-to […]

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In KCF’s recent comment, she raised some great questions about how blog writing may or may not contribute to your tenure file. Here’s a great place to start. It’s a youtube video that I first posted on my blogging and teaching workshop. The 9+ minute video includes discussions about public/private and blogging and tenure: Here’s […]

The theme for this week’s discussion was training. Without our new love, Snowball, we lacked the motivation to actually record our conversation. It’s too bad (imho) because we had some great things to say. Oh well. Here are the highlights (at least, the ideas that I can decipher from my very messy notes). 1. Blog […]