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Webbing Cyberfeminist Practice:Communities, Pedagogies and Social Action was recalled from the U of Minnesota library and I need to return it today. Before returning it, I thought I’d mark it here as a source to possibly re-visit in the future. Sadly it has been on my shelf collecting dust for about a year and a […]

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Hi KCF! My students in feminist pedagogies put together a resource guide for using social media in feminist classrooms. Check it out! I am hoping to add in some more of thoughts about the blog as a resource on our welcome page soon. For now, I’m just happy to be done with the semester–so happy […]

…or one reason to give your department for why teaching blogs and blogging while teaching is really important for the future of the discipline/feminist education This week in my Feminist Pedagogies class we are reading various articles that critically reflect on the value of social media in the feminist classroom (see schedule–10.27–for more information). In […]

I found this source via twitter earlier today and, after tweeting with KCF, decided to post it for more diablogging: A Philosophy of Blogging from a new Chronicle of Higher Education blog called Old School, New School. BTW, I love how we have started tweet-a-logging too (or engaging in some twittersations…okay, I’ll stop now). I […]

As I was scrolling through a folder on my laptop, I unearthed this “ancient” (as in 2004!) essay from the NYTimes: My So-Called Blog. I haven’t read it too closely yet, but I was struck by a big quote that I found as I quickly skimmed the essay: Here’s the passage that the above image […]

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So I came across this article the other day from ReadWriteWeb about going beyond the social to an era of the internet of things. In this new era, the internet is not valuable because it is a great space to share information/ideas/stories and connect with others; it is valuable because it provides us with opportunities […]

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While I don’t have much commentary to offer about this issue right now, I thought I would just post these two items that speak to the power of women in social networking and blogging. First, this article: The gender divide of influence on Twitter. Second, this tweet (which doesn’t have a link to an article): […]

Hey SLP – While I was reading my twitter feed I saw someone had posted this article speaking to this idea of social media taking over our lives. I thought you might be interested in it because I think there are some interesting connections between what the author’s writing about here and what we have […] seems to be a great place to go for information on teaching with technology. I just found this article about teaching with blogs this morning. Check out what the author writes about how he handles privacy and FERPA issues in the classroom: Yet there remains one troubling element: student privacy. Is open blogging this […]

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Here are a few recent resources related to blogging, technology, accessibility and feminist teaching. 1. How do we make our blogs more accessible to blind readers? 2. What skills do we need to be digitally literate? 3. Less than 25%? Really? 4. Young Feminists to Old Feminists: If you can’t find us, it’s because we’re […]

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I was just skimming through my course blog and I found a brief entry that I wrote for the class on the potential links between bell hooks, feminist consciousness-raising and blogging. Normally I would have posted this as a comment on your entry. However, I don’t think you can post HTML on comments in this […]

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In Share This!, Deanna Zandt discusses the important role that sharing (particularly in the form of sharing stories/information/experiences) plays in social networks and social justice. At one point (I haven’t quite figured out how to cite kindle books yet…anyone?), she writes: …we’re not just consuming information; we’re sharing it, immediately and constantly. I like how […]