It's Diablogical!
A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy

First I want to congratulate us for sending off our official manuscript for our chapter that will hopefully end up in Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition soon! As part of our conclusion we discussed how we wanted to keep thinking through our collaboration and on the day that we met to finalize our other manuscript […]

After another very productive meeting SLP and I have the (final?!) game plan for the rest of the month and all of the work we will be doing to finish up our chapter. We also have decided to submit a more reflective piece to Radical Teacher. See the call for papers here. Since this article […]

KCF and I had a very productive (and fun) day together discussing our dialogue/diablog project. We also enjoyed tea (and laughing at the elaborate descriptions of the coffee)at Angry Catfish and lunch at Bill’s Garden Chinese Gourmet. Remarkably, we also managed to find the time to create a rough sketch of our article, complete with […]

We had an amazing meeting on Friday, so amazing that we had so many notes to write up which is why I wasn’t able to post until now! These notes might also be a little disjointed as SLP and I both mentioned that we were super tired from a long week of work and were […]

The theme for this week’s discussion was training. Without our new love, Snowball, we lacked the motivation to actually record our conversation. It’s too bad (imho) because we had some great things to say. Oh well. Here are the highlights (at least, the ideas that I can decipher from my very messy notes). 1. Blog […]

After a very riveting conversation Friday afternoon, I am pleased to say that according to our schedule we are pretty far in the game in terms of everything we accomplished of the last two weeks. I am really proud of how much we have both written and contributed (in writing and thinking) to the project […]